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SafeHeart Health Screens offers the power of prevention to those who wish to be proactive about their cardiovascular health. One out of every two heart attack victims and four out of every five stroke victims has NO apparent warning signs or symptoms. SafeHeart Health Screens can help change these statistics.
We offer affordable, high-quality, fast and painless cardiovascular disease screening tests to corporations, organizations, medical services providers and communities that assess for risk of heart attack, stroke and aneurysm. This information can be life-saving. If our screening tests show the presence of advanced disease, or the presence of early vascular disease, you, your employees or your community members now have the opportunity to more aggressively manage your risk. Whatever the results, you gain peace of mind through knowledge, and through knowledge comes the power of prevention.

Let SafeHeart Health Screens be your partner in prevention.


Many of the conditions that we screen for have no warning signs or symptoms, but there are risk factors associated with each condition that increase your chances of developing that condition.