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Client Testimonials

What our partners have to say about us:

We have had several individuals follow up with their physicians and begin a regime to monitor/treat problems noted and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, one individual underwent a less invasive procedure to stymie an aortic aneurysm which went undiagnosed until SafeHeart’s on-site testing. He is doing great; stopped smoking; and very, very appreciative of Milnor for engaging SafeHeart. I am also a benefactor of the screening. I was already on medications at the time SafeHeart screening discovered a moderate build-up in my left carotid artery. Upon follow-up with my physician, he discovered a slight amount of calcium build-up in my abdominal aorta. However, the combination of plaque in my carotid artery; calcium in my abdominal aorta and my father’s history of CHF prompted a referral to a cardiologist. It appears that a positive cascade of events occurred which very well may have staved off a much more serious or even tragic instance.
Sid Lacoste, Jr.
Human Resources Director
Pellerin Milnor Corp, Kenner, LA
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting the Natchez-Adams School District to participate in the Safe Heart Screenings held in April, 2009. Fifty-four individuals were screened. Participants included district employees and their immediate families. Of the fifty-four individuals screened, twenty-seven had cardiovascular disease of differing degrees. One individual had significant findings that resulted in their personal physician being notified. Many of the individuals with some degree of cardiovascular disease may have been unaware of the difficulty. Lives may be saved as a result of the information provided by the screenings. A number of district personnel also commented on your friendly and professional demeanor. Thanks so much for the service you provided and the professionalism you exhibited during the screening process.
Joyce Griffin, R.N.
Nurse Supervisor
Natchez-Adams School District
Shuqualak Lumber Company offered SafeHeart Health screens to any of its employees that wanted to participate. The employee paid half and the company paid half. SafeHeart was very accommodating in running the test in our own facility and during hours that were convenient for the company. Employees were able to get in and out quickly. All results were sent directly to the employee. Usually to receive these types of tests a person has to be referred to a cardiologist with problems. It is nice to be able to have the test run just for peace of mind or because you have a family history of heart problems. You hope to find out all is okay or to find a minor issue early. We had a few that had to follow up with a cardiologist when they got their results. I gave the information about these tests to a cardiologist to get his thoughts and he was very impressed with the type of tests SafeHeart was running. We will continue to have SafeHeart come in the future.
Lisa Hunter
Director of Human Resources
Vice President
Wesley Medical Center recently held two separate SafeHeart Health Screens, one for employees and their spouses and another for individuals in the community. Between the two events, over 200 people were screened for strokes, aneurysms and early signs of heart disease. From those, roughly 20 people were referred back to their physicians to seek further testing. Without these screens, these medical issues would have gone undetected. I strongly believe the work being done by the highly trained staff at SafeHeart is saving lives. We applaud them for their work and are grateful to have had the opportunity to offer this to our friends and neighbors in this community.
David Hollis
Business Development Coordinator
Wesley Medical Center
Hattiesburg, MS
"Thanks for the great service your company provided with the Safe Heart Screenings. We had a number of employees with findings. All followed up with their personal physicians who confirmed the screenings were accurate and commended the employees for having the screenings done. We appreciate how accommodating you were in setting up the screenings and the professionalism of your staff. We will definitely offer the Safe Heart Screenings again."
Guinn Andrews
Human Resources Manager, Zeon Chemicals
Hattiesburg, MS
"The Petal School District offered SafeHeart screenings to all employees and their spouses. Even though the participants had to pay for their screenings, the response was great. Our employees appreciated having the opportunity to have the service provided in our own facilities and during hours that were conducive to their schedules. The screening team was friendly and efficient and we were very pleased with the quality of the service. The SafeHeart team took care of all the details - scheduling, payment, reporting, etc. The benefit of this process was that the screenings identified a number of our participants as having varying degrees of plaque in their carotid arteries. By identifying these problems early, they can now receive appropriate medical attention to minimize or alleviate problems later on. This not only increases the individuals' quality of life, but from a business standpoint, it means we possibly have healthier employees who miss fewer days due to illness.
I highly recommend the services of SafeHeart to other school districts, government agencies, organizations and businesses."
Margaret Tynes
Director of Human Resources and Student Services
Petal School District, Petal, MS

Individual success stories:

"I’m glad I went. They found a 70% blockage in my carotid artery. And I didn’t have any symptoms. Now, my doctors are watching my condition very closely. I would recommend these screenings to everyone.”
Larry McDonnieal, Laurel
“I recommend this testing to anyone…I wouldn’t have known there was anything wrong with me until it was too late”.
Mrs. Jannie Graham, Saucier, MS
“I have a family history of heart disease, so I got my brother and we went. They found an 80% blockage in my carotid artery on one side and a 50% blockage on the other side, and I didn’t have any symptoms! I’m thankful I had the screens”.
Mrs. Linda Morrison, Lumberton, MS


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