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Are you at risk?

Our Life-Saving Quiz

Many of the conditions that we screen for have no warning signs or symptoms, but there are risk factors associated with each condition that increase your chances of developing that condition. Do you know what these risk factors are? Take this brief quiz, adapted from the American Heart Association, to determine your risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease, and if you are an appropriate candidate for SafeHeartís cardiovascular screenings for heart attack, stroke and aneurysm risk:

Are you over the age of 40?
Does anyone in your immediate family (parent, child or sibling) have a history of
     heart disease, vascular disease or stroke?
Has anyone in your immediate family had an abdominal aortic aneurysm?
Are you more than 25 pounds overweight?
Do you have an irregular heartbeat?
Do you eat a diet high in saturated fats?
Are you a diabetic?
Do you exercise less than 3 times per week for at least 20-30 minutes per
Do you have high blood pressure or take medications for high blood pressure?
Do you have high cholesterol, or take medications for high cholesterol?
Are you under a great deal of stress or do you experience extreme fatigue?
Are you presently a smoker or do you have a long history of smoking?
Do you live with a smoker or work in a smoke-filled environment?
Do you consume an excessive amount of alcohol per day?
Do you consume an excessive amount of caffeine per day?

If you answered yes to or if you don't know the answer to two or more of these questions, you should consider seeing a healthcare provider for a complete assessment of your risk, and/or let SafeHeart Health Screens help you find out now, through non-invasive, fast and painless ultrasound screening, if you are at risk for cardiovascular disease. Schedule an appointment with us today.