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Quality Control

SafeHeart Health Screens is committed to providing the highest quality in both administration of screens as well as interpretation of results.

Our ultrasound and medical technologists administer our screens pursuant to SafeHeartís strict internal protocols. Our ultrasound technologists are either registered or eligible for registry with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) and/or are RDCS (Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer), RVT (Registered Vascular Technologist) and/or RCS (Registered Cardiac Sonographer) registered or registry eligible. During any screening event, all findings of possible significance, based on the most current recommendations for categorization of normal and abnormal results, are reviewed by a second technologist for accuracy prior to delivery of data to the Interpreting Physician. A SafeHeart Interpreting Physician is Ďon-callí for every screening, and in the event a participant presents with critical findings, the Physician is contacted and Emergency Referral Protocols are implemented in an effort to ensure immediate follow-up evaluation.

All SafeHeart Health Screens' results are interpreted by physicians experienced in vascular imaging, and licensed in the state in which the screening event is held. SafeHeartís Interpreting Physicians are required to be board-certified in the fields of Interventional Radiology, Cardiology, Vascular Medicine or Cardiovascular Surgery. These Interpreting Physicians, in an effort to ensure the highest quality of service, perform bi-annual audits of their peerís screenings, as well as random audits of image quality.

To further ensure the highest quality of data, SafeHeart Health Screens uses only GE Vivid i ultrasound technology, which is the same ultrasound technology and equipment used in many hospitals and clinics throughout the country.