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About Our Screens

How to prepare for a Safeheart screening and what to expect once you are there

There is very little preparation required for a SafeHeart Health Screens event. We instruct our participants: to refrain from eating or drinking (except for water) for at least two hours before the screening event; to wear two-piece clothing (no dresses) to allow for access to the abdominal area; to wear open-neck shirts/blouses for easy access to both sides of the neck; to wear shirts/blouses with no sleeves, or sleeves that can be rolled up easily; and to refrain from wearing hose or tights as everything on the feet must be removed.

Screening Procedure
When you arrive at the screening event you will be greeted by SafeHeart Health Screens’ Administrative Assistant, who will provide you with the appropriate Registration Forms and collect payment, if necessary. This part of the process should take no longer than 10 minutes. You will then be escorted back to the screening area, which will either be in a private room or behind SafeHeart Health Screens’ substantial privacy screens. You will be asked to remove your footwear, and then you will lie on a comfortable examination table, where our ultrasound technologist and medical technician will explain to you what they are doing as they work together to perform all five screens in under ten minutes. In the event that our screening team detects a condition that is considered critical based on the internal protocols established by our Medical Director, you will be immediately notified and provided with necessary records with which to seek immediate medical attention. Otherwise, you will receive your Results Report from SafeHeart Health Screens within fourteen days of the screening event.