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Partner with Safeheart

Hospitals/Medical Service Providers

Whether you are a large or small hospital or medical services provider, partnering with SafeHeart Health Screens in making our services available to your community offers significant benefits. We do not compete with hospitals, but instead seek to work with them and other healthcare providers in identifying individuals with asymptomatic cardiovascular disease. A partnership with SafeHeart Health Screens offers:

  • An opportunity for much needed community outreach by helping the community maintain their health and live longer through low-cost preventative screens.
  • Public relations and marketing benefits through joint promotion of events and inclusion of hospital/medical services provider’s logo on all promotional materials.
  • An opportunity to underscore your commitment to proactive healthcare furthering your reputation in the community.
  • An ability to identify cardiovascular disease leading to appropriate medical intervention including diagnostic testing, surgical procedures and short or long-term follow-up care.
  • Enables you to offer these benefits to your community using SafeHeart Health Screens’ personnel and equipment, and not that of the hospital, with no overhead cost at all for your facility.
  • Enables you to offer these screens to your employees/staff.