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About SafeHeart Health Screens

SafeHeart Health Screens is a Mississippi-based company dedicated to improving the cardiovascular health of individuals across Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. SafeHeart does this by bringing mobile GE ultrasound technology into corporations, organizations, hospitals and communities, and by offering a quick, painless and affordable way to test for risk of heart attack, stroke and aneurysm in individuals with no apparent symptoms.

According to the American Heart Association's Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics, 2008 Update, cardiovascular disease kills 64% more than cancer.  Even so, cancer screens are common and often covered by insurance, while cardiovascular disease screens are neither common nor covered. This places individuals wishing to be proactive about their cardiovascular health at a severe disadvantage, because the opportunities to be screened for heart disease, stroke and aneurysm are very limited. Although 50% of heart attack victims and 80% of stroke victims have no warning, you generally cannot walk into your doctor’s office and ask to be tested for carotid artery disease or an abdominal aortic aneurysm when you are having no symptoms. The doctors will generally not order the tests nor will insurance cover them.

SafeHeart Health Screens gives you, your employees and/or your community a way to avoid this ‘catch-22’ – we offer you the tools to be proactive about your health through mobile screens that serve as valuable weapons in the fight against cardiovascular disease.


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